Essential R packages for data science projects

Leverage genius work from R community in your projects!

Quick reminder: install and use packages

# this command installs tidyr package from CRAN
# returns tidyr package version
Update all your packages in a few clicks using RStudio
stringr::str_replace("Hello world!", "Hello", "Hi")
# load a package: it will throw an error if package is not installed

Fetching data

Great R packages usually have a dedicated hex sticker:
# read csv data delimited using comma (,)
input_data <- readr::read_csv("./input_data.csv")
# read csv data delimited using semi-colon (;)
input_data <- readr::read_csv2("./input_data.csv")
# read txt data delimited using whatever symbols (||)
input_data <- readr::read_delim("./input_data.txt", delim = "||")
# read Excel spreadsheets
input_data <- readxl::read_excel("input_data.xlsx", sheet = "page2")

Wrangling data

The pipe operator shipped with the magrittr package is a game changer
# without pipe operator
paste("Hello", "world!")
# with pipe operator
"Hello" %>% paste("world!)
# mtcars is a toy data set shipped with base R
# create a column
mtcars <- mtcars %>% mutate(vehicle = "car")
# filter on a column
mtcars <- mtcars %>% filter(cyl >= 6)
# create a column AND filter on a column
mtcars <- mtcars %>%
mutate(vehicle = "car") %>%
filter(cyl >= 6)
You may find inspirations from this Top 50 ggplot2 visualisation article :

Machine learning

library(dplyr)# say we want to predict iris having a big petal width
observations <- iris %>%
mutate(y = ifelse(Petal.Width >= 1.5, "big", "small")) %>%
# set up a a 10-fold cross-validation
train_control <- caret::trainControl(method = "cv",
number = 10,
savePredictions = TRUE,
classProbs = TRUE)
# make it reproducible and train the model
model <- caret::train(y ~ .,
data = observations,
method = "glm",
trControl = train_control,
metric = "Accuracy")

Final words

Useful documentations and references

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